Vonethil Overwatch config and settings

Oliver Lager aka Vonethil is a Swedish (from Stockholm) pro Overwath player. You can get in touch with him on Twitter or Twitch. He became famous for playing Heroes of the Storm and GW 2. He lost the final at DreamHack Winter 2016 (2nd) with Fnatic. Finally, Oliver placed 3rd at the Major League Gaming Vegas in 2016.


Mouse: Fnatic Gear Flick
Mousepad: Fnatic Gear Focus XL
Keyboard:  Fnatic Gear Rush G1
Monitor: BenQ XL2430T
Headset: HyperX Cloud II

Vonethil OW settings

Graphics: Everything on the lowest
Resolution: 1920×1080
Render Scale: 75%
FOV: 103
Sensitivity: 5
Zoom sensitivity: 31
DPI: 800
Windows sensitivity: 6/11