Best gears for overwatch

Ok, so you know exactly how overwatch pro players play. You know what in-game sensitivity and DPI they use. So you are able to calculate the edpi (sensitivity x dpi). I’m a friendly guy so I’ve decided to gather players depending on what heroes they play. You probably need to know which mouse, mousepad or keyboard they use. So let’s go!

Mousepad: as you may know, the mousepad (and the mouse) play an important role when it’s time to aim, especially in a first-person-shooter game like Overwatch. In fact, you can play with a good sensitivity, if you play directly on a wooden desk, you will be in trouble. According to the data gathered on, we are able to tell you the most used mousepad: the Zowie G-SR (with 11 pro players). The SteelSeries QCK+ is the second one.

TOP1: Zowie G-SRTOP2: SteelSeries QCK+
Used by: SoOn, Cocco, Chipshajen, InternethulkUsed by: Mendokusaii, Miro, SuperPlouk...
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Mouse : here are the top (most used): Logitech G Pro, Logitech G303, Zowie FK1, Zowie EC2-A and Logitech G403 are equal.

TOP 1: Logitech G ProTOP 2: Logitech G502TOP 3: Zowie FK1
Used by: Seagull, Hiden, JesusUsed by: Alphacast, KnOxXx, Miro, SpreeUsed by: Talepsin, Internethulk, chipshajen, HarryHook..
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Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB, Corsair K65 RedSwitch.

TOP1: Corsair Strafe RGBTOP2: Corsair K65 RedSwitch
Used by: Taimou, Alphacast...Used by: Mendokusaii, Miro, SuperPlouk...
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Headset: HyperX Cloud II or the HyperX Revolver.

TOP1: HyperX Cloud IITOP2: HyperX Revolver
Used by:
J3sus, Reinforce, Hafficool, aKm, Vonethil
Used by: Taimou, InternetHulk, Cocco, Chipshajen, Gods, Seagull
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Monitor: Your monitor is much more important than you think! In fact, when it’s time to buy a great monitor for your Overwatch setup, you have to look at 3 variables (the price of course, the HZ frequency – 144Hz is perfect, and finally the response time (should be 1ms or less than 3ms). Here are the top used monitors by overwatch professionals: the BenQ XL2411Z or the BenQ XL2430T. As you may know, BenQ is a great brand which provide top-level tournaments such as the DreamHack.

TOP1: BenQ XL2411ZTOP2: BenQ XL2430T
Used by:
aKm, Reinforce, Knoxxx, Talespin, chipshajen
Used by: cocco, Bromas, toxiken, Surefour, Vonethil
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